Rakvél fyrir skeggið og hárið.

regular_price 7.990 kr

VSK innifalinn

Superior Blade - Precise steel cutter head in titanium ceramic. Safe and sharp, not easy to heat up, ensuring efficiency and durability.
Strong Motor - Strong motor ensures efficient and stable hair clipping. Low noise working ensures comfortable using.
LCD Display - Designed with large LCD display, showing the dump energy. It makes more readable use.
Smartly Adjustable - The blade of the hair clipper is adjustable through a push handle, control the hair length more easily.
4 Limit Comb - Come with 4 limit combs in different sizes (3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm), easily control the hair length you want to trim and create various hair styles.
User’s Friendly Design - The handy-size hair clipper ensures both corded and cordless use. 2 gears adjustable, it makes personal operation.
Long Durability - 2000mAh battery makes large capacity - About 3 hours full charge ensures 2-3 hours using.